Welcome to JSONify It - CSV to JSON Converter

The parameters that can be passed in the URL are as follows:

  • file_name - The name of the file (minus file type).
  • file_type - The file extemsion (only csv is currently handled).
  • group_by - [Optional] The number of levels to nest. Will assume columns are in correct order.
  • colnames - [Optional] A comma seperated list of columns to nest by. Will override group_by if provided.
  • filter_col - [Optional] The name of a column to filter the dataset on.
  • filter_val - [Optional] The value to look for in filter_col.
  • limit - [Optional] Limit the output to this many rows. 0 by default.
  • root_node - [Optional] Name of the root node in the JSON. Default is 'data'.
  • name_field - [Optional] The name of the key that stores the nested value at each level. Default is 'name'.
  • sum_field - [Optional] The column to sum at each level.
  • avg_field - [Optional] The column to average at each level.

Please note - only the file_name and file_type fields are mandatory.